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Alan R.
Grodin, D.D.S

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Our Clawson Dental Services


Here is a list of some of the services that are offered at the office of Dr. Alan R. Grodin:

At the office of Dr. Alan R. Grodin, we are confident that all of our patients will receive the best treatment available in dentistry today. There are more than 120 years of dental experience in the practice every day when we open our doors. We are true veterans of dentistry. We have also surrounded ourselves with what we consider to be the best specialists in the area. Working as a close team, Dr. Grodin and these specialists can take on even the most complex of cases.

As a leading Clawson cosmetic dentist, Dr. Grodin also employs the services of one of the premiere dental laboratories in the country, Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, located in Universal City, California. The relationship between the doctor and David Block (owner of the lab) is one of friendship and respect, with the end result being only the most beautiful cosmetic cases.