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At his state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry Detroit facility, Dr. Grodin performs a wide range of sophisticated dental procedures that enhance the beauty and function of his patients’ teeth. As a result of his warm and attentive nature and his exceptional skill as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Grodin has earned much praise from his numerous Detroit teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry patients. Read testimonials from some of Dr. Grodin’s satisfied patients below.

My “total veneer experience” with dr. Alan r. Grodin goes beyond words and my results far exceeded my expectations!!

When you walk through the doors of dr. Grodin’s office for the very first time, you immediately get a sense of tranquility with the peaceful, cheery surroundings.

Dr. Grodin’s friendly, knowledgeable staff were so accommodating right from my very first visit. Dr. Grodin and his staff carefully explained each step in the process so that no question went unanswered.

I could not be happier with my “total veneer experience” with dr. Grodin and his staff. Everyone should be lucky enough to enjoy such a wonderful experience and most important…………great results !!!

Thank you dr. Grodin !! I can’t stop smilin’ now!!
Wishing you the best,
Denice (patient)

“I live in Genesee County and traveled to Clowson to discuss with Dr. Grodin the possibility of getting porcelain veneers to change my smile. I was immediately impressed with the thorough assessment, discussion, and treatment plan that Dr. Grodin and I discussed. I was most impressed with his confidence that he could make my smile look beautiful. Dr. Grodin changed my smile and confidence when he replaced 20 of my teeth with porcelain veneers. Dr. Grodin and his staff were excellent at answering my questions and concerns. They accommodated my schedule and travel distance issues so that my veneers were completed in a timely manner. Just the other day a woman said to me: “You have the most beautiful smile! You have movie star teeth!” Dr. Grodin is a perfectionist and will not be happy unless you are happy. He is the Best! Thank you! I love my new smile!”
Diana Pearce, Grand Blanc, MI

“Alan is an exception, a rarity, an absolute talent in the industry. I believe he ranks in the top 2% in the country in terms of his clinical ability”.
David Block (owner of Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Universal City, California)

“I live in Los Angeles where there’s a ‘celebrity’ dentist on every corner. I’d heard about Dr. Grodin through a friend and decided to fly to Michigan to meet with him. I was greeted by an attentive, professional staff. Dr.Grodin said, “You have a nice smile, now let’s make it perfect”. He proceeded to do just that. My teeth are beautiful, white, and most importantly, natural looking. I’m in a high profile industry – rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t comment on my beautiful teeth. Without exception, Dr. Grodin is the best there is”!
Deidre Dale (Owner of The Placement Company, Century City, California… And founder of Ms. Interview)

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Grodin’s for years and have always been impressed with his office and his staff. They are extremely accomodating and professional, and the quality of work is the best. I was so impressed with the practice, in fact, that I routinely send the players on the team to Dr. Grodin for their dental needs. I’ve always gotten great feedback from anyone who has ever been a patient there”.
Steve Carter (Assistant Athletic Trainer, Detroit Tigers Baseball Team)

“All my life I wished I had better looking teeth. Thanks to Dr. Grodin and his skill with porcelain veneers, I now have beautiful teeth. It is never too late to enjoy and appreciate having a more attractive smile”.
Caroline Spiewak, age 75, Warren, Michigan

“I am very happy with this significant facial change. With all that you told me about the process, the reality and impact is magnificent. For the first time in my life I can say I have the healthiest gums and the most beautiful mouth I could have ever dreamed of. I appreciate your patience, your understanding, your teachings, in helping me to understand what was going to happen and what happened as a result of the process. That made me feel this was going to be a great thing to do for myself.
With the responses and attention I get from people, I never knew how a pretty smile can make such a great first impression, In my profession I speak with people all day, and it feels good to know that they are looking at a pretty damn good looking mouth (smile).
Dr. Grodin, I am ever so grateful for your interest, persistence and so much patience with me to have the veneers done. I am looking foward to the final procedure of the process.
Well I should say the final results of the process. Thank you for all that you have done for me”.
Lavonia Criner

“Dr. Alan Grodin has been my dentist for eighteen years, since our move from the North Shore of Chicago. I have received the most professsional and caring treatment from both Dr. Grodin and his fine staff. I used to dread going to the dentist. Now I feel relaxed and confident in the expertise and talent of Dr. Alan Grodin”!
Judie A. Sherman

“Dear Dr. Grodin and staff, I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to all of you for making my teeth look so wonderful!! After my previous experience with cosmetic dentistry, I was very nervous about having more work done on my teeth. Dr. Grodin, as you know, I had veneers done and re-done 3 times before coming to see you. I had problems with the appearance of my veneers and my gums were extremely inflamed. After my first visit to your office, I knew that you and your staff had the experience and skill to correct my problems. I had no pain during or after the procedure, and it was actually alot quicker than I thought it would be! My teeth look perfect and I have to tell you that the end result has far exceeded my expectations. I will recommend your office to all of my family and friends. Take care”. Sincerely,
A. Berry

“To whom it may concern, I have been a patient of Dr. Grodin’s for the last 20 years. I have always been extremely pleased with all the work that Dr. Grodin has done for me. Last year, I had 24 porcelain veneers and crowns done and I could not be happier. Dr. Grodin and his staff have always been exemplary and they have always been extremely accomodating to my appointment needs”. Sincerely,
Paul J. Roubal, PhD, PT, OCS

” I dreaded having my caps replaced – twenty-six to be exact plus a bridge that was failing. My old caps were thick and bulky and I had a lot of trouble trying to maintain healthy gums. I knew that this time I wanted a dentist with real talent and state of the art technology.
I first read about Dr Grodin in Hour Magazine. The article described him as a real star in cosmetic dentistry. My first consultation convinced me I had made a good choice -I was really impressed with his confidence, down to earth manner, and real enthusiasm for dentistry.
The results were more fabulous than I hoped for. Dr Grodin gave a great new look with teeth that feel much lighter and more natural. Thanks to the great fit, my gums are much healthier. Dr Grodin is now our family dentist. We enjoy the wonderful staff that creates a friendly office atmosphere. I have referred new clients to his practice, some with serious dental problems – and they all are very happy with the results. ”
Doreen Ther
Troy, Michigan

“After researching numerous dentists I chose Dr. Alan Grodin because of his outstanding artistic ability, scientific knowledge and cosmetic dentistry experience.
Truly passionate about the appearance of his work, Dr. Grodin was able to understand my initial perceptions and take my smile to a whole new level — even surpassing my initial expectations. I am absolutely pleased with the final result.”.
Luciano M
Seattle, WA

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